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About Drain Cleaning

Need a go-to plumber for clogged drains? Call the Half Moon Plumbing team at (918) 274-7377 for professional drain cleaning in Claremore, OK. Take a look at our customer testimonials to see why your neighbors look to us for all of their drain cleaning needs!

Our drains rarely make a blimp in our radar until something goes wrong; either we experience a clog or our sink starts to back up, bringing bad odors into our kitchen or bath. If you currently have drain problems, or would like to prevent them, we can help. Half Moon’s technicians provide quality drain cleaning services in Claremore and Owasso.

Drain Basics

Drains lead wastewater from our homes and business buildings to a septic tank or main sewer line controlled and maintained by a local utility company. Homeowners only consider the small amount of drainage piping within their home as their responsibility, but a building owner is responsible for all drains leading from the coupling to the main sewer line in the street to their home.

Investigating Your Drains

How can a drain buried beneath a yard or lot be examined for problems and repairs without your technician having to dig up the area outside your property? Our technicians have the solution. We use high-quality piping cameras that are lowered into the drains. These cameras allow us to inspect your piping system for any blockages, including waste products, plant roots, and other debris. Through the video monitor, we will show you the extent of the clog and help you proceed with the necessary repairs.

Video pipe inspections are convenient for pinpointing the exact location of clogs. When roots invade your drain system, for instance, you can never be sure which area the roots have affected; you will need a camera inspection to take the guesswork out of any repair. Our video inspections will also accurately identify damaged parts of your drain system that will need to be replaced, without removing your entire pipe system.

Still Relying On Drain Snakes? Get High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Instead

Many believe that using a drain snake will help with clogs. However, keep in mind that this is only a short-term fix. Drain snakes force a metal rod through the clog itself—this does nothing to flush away the debris. The build-up is broken up, but is essentially still in your drains. Over time, the lingering debris will accumulate to create another blockage.

A much better drain cleaning solution is hydrojetting. Our technicians provide expert hydrojetting services to remove the most serious clogs from your drain system. Hydrojetting involves a high-pressure water flush that completely cleans your system. This method is one of the safest and most effective ways of removing all types of clogs, while preventing further clogs from quickly building up again.

Call our team today at (918) 274-7377 for the most effective drain cleaning solutions. We provide upfront rates and drain cleaning methods that work!

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